VI is for Villainy

In honor of Guy Fawkes day, my wife and I re-watched “V for Vendetta” and I was inspired to write a little poem. This captures some of the contempt, fury, and disgust I feel for what the modern Republican Party has become.


VI is for Villainy

Never forget the Capital Coup
They came for the country, now they’re coming for you.
In the name of the Trump, and Anonymous Q
They hung out a gibbet and violence grew

The Trump he kept lying, and then he would sue;
And at Four Seasons Landscaping his stooges lied too.
He threatened and schemed not a single word true,
Because nothing but losing was what he was due.

So he called forth his army on January Six,
A militia of soldiers surrounded by hicks.
“Blue lives matter!” they chanted, while attacking police,
with crutches, and flagpoles, and tasers, and bricks.

Then on up the stairs to the capital flew,
Hurling bear spray and bombs, with a mission to do
Racism banners and Nazi salutes,
Showed the hate at the core of their character, true.

MAGA and “fake news!” and “build wall!” were their cries
These flag-waving traitors, escaped from their sties;
“The election was stolen!” they screamed but all lies
A riot of treason in partisan guise

They claimed they were winning, but wounded a nation,
A stain that will never wash clean –
They claimed they were winning, but all of us lost,
A democracy hung out to die.

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