On “Incels,” anger, and self-loathing

My friend Meghan Hyland pointed this video out to me a couple days ago.

Here’s how I responded to Meghan: “Brilliant stuff, Meghan. I love the mix of openness, brutal self-awareness, and calm empathy, spiced with a delicately fierce brand of humor. Thanks for sharing, I’m certainly going to check out more of her stuff.”

If you’ve ever wondered what the “incel” thing was about (or if you haven’t heard of “involuntary celibacy” at all), you might want to watch this video. Be warned, though, it goes to some pretty dark places. Also, the narrator is erudite and articulate but also casually crude. If you have delicate sensibilities, you might prefer “The Red Pill” instead. Finally, if you suffer from discomfort with non-heteronormativity [1], you may be uncomfortable with the narrator – though personally I think that is a good reason to watch it!

1. Ok, so actually this term should be “cisnormative,” not “heteronormative.” The former refers to people whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex, while the latter refers to people with a world view that promotes heterosexuality as the normal or preferred (or only “real”) sexual orientation. Or, more simply, “trans doesn’t just mean like, totally super gay.” If any of that isn’t clear, you may want to check out the “genderbread person,” which really helped clarify a bunch of those distinctions for me.

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