Climate change

Here’s the thing. The analysis is simple.

Global Warming Decision Matrix: decisions have consequences

I don’t think I really need to justify this much more than that: three quadrants in that table are fine places to be, the fourth is really, really bad. Don’t be in the bottom left quadrant. The only way to be sure we aren’t in the bottom left quadrant is to be in the top row: we must act.

The argument against action is that we are in the top right quadrant: action would harm companies needlessly. There’s some truth to that. However, we would also be creating entire new industries, so even in the worst case, the harm is considerably overstated.

Of course, the real problem with that argument is that the evidence strongly suggests that the world we live in is actually in the left column: climate change is real. As such, no matter the cause, we need to do what we can to combat it. But since there are a bunch of people who seem eager to remain ignorant, I’ll share some data for you. The historical record is unambiguous. There’s been a recent and extreme rise in global temperatures.

Since we started measuring in the 1880s, the surface temperature of the globe has skyrocketed:

World surface temperature, 1880-present (from NASA climate temperature data)

Global temperature is strongly correlated with carbon dioxide levels. We’ve been dumping tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere: 400,000BC to present (from NASA climate CO2 data)

And, if you’re in the mood, this wonderful little graphic from XKCD paints a strong picture.
XKCD Timeline of Earth's Average Temperature

…but, you know. The climate always changes, right? Let’s go to McDonald’s.

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