Rules of the Road

This is my personal site. All views expressed are my own, and are in no way connected to (or property of) my employer.

I won’t sell or use any personal information you give me. I use Google analytics, so whatever they know about you gets collected there.

You should probably read the posts in the “Rules of the Road” menu before posting anything here, unless I know you personally. If so, hi!

I really dislike trolls. If I think you’re a troll, I’ll probably freeze your account and then publicly mock you.

Anything you post here is mine to do with as I please. I reserve the right to remove, or edit for suitability, or even republish anything you provide. I always strive to give credit to the person who brought something to my attention, but if I forget it was you, please remind me and I’ll add the citation. My idea of suitability is capricious and varies based on how much I like you, so what I edit your post to say may similarly vary. Whine too loudly and I’ll probably decide you’re a troll. See above.

I seek reasonable discussion. And by reasonable, I mean “using reason.” I want you to disagree with me; that’s the only way to learn. But I’m not interested in bickering contests. Use data support your ideas. Cite your sources. If you aren’t using data and citing your sources, I’ll probably conclude you’re a troll. See above.